October 21, 2016
Celebrate the arts and join our school wide art competition! How? Create an individual in class art project or modify an existing one. You pick the medium: architecture (2D/3D), collages, crafts, dioramas, drawing, painting, print making or sculpture and interpret the theme: “What’s Your Story?”.
Entries must include a one paragraph artist’s statement summarizing their submission.
Exhibits will be collected on October 18th and exhibited after school on October 21st. Reflections judges will award prizes and select winners to advance to district competition as well as state and possibly national. More information about PTA reflections can be found here

Reflections Art Show

This year's PTA Reflections theme is "What's your story?" Five classes participated with students interpreting the theme by creating and completing their artworks in class.  All of the students' artworks can be viewed online, by classroom.